Friday, May 27, 2011

Climbing up high

Sometimes I have to work extra hard to learn things and make my arms and legs do things that I want to do. I have lots of teachers at school who help me learn new things. Miss L helps me work on walking and running and climbing. And it’s hard! But I’m really having fun with all the stuff I’ve learned this year from her.

I didn’t used to be able to do this, and Mommy was so surprised that I did it this week at the playground! So this is for Miss L…and for all my teachers who have helped me get stronger and learn more and more.

Can you tell Mommy was kinda scared at how high I was going all by myself?? (I had to tell her, “Mommy, it’s ok!” Did you hear me?) But I did it!!!!

(Mommy note: There are SO many unbelievable things in this one little snippet of Braska’s life. This one peek speaks to so much progress. That she will even attempt a climbing structure still surprises me. That she can maneuver her feet on those little cylindrical rungs and balance is huge. That she can move her hands up at appropriate times and continue to move forward as the angle changes and requires her to readjust. That she is paying visual attention to where her feet go (though not as much as Mommy would like at 5 feet in the air!) is great, if still a work in progress.

Braska struggles in a BIG way with gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and visual motor. She is improving SO much these last several months. And seeing her just decide while at the playground that she is going to do this little apparatus is just an indication of not only how far she has come but the determination that will continue to keep her learning and growing.

Thank you, U.S. team of teachers and therapists, for investing in my girl another year. This little piece of video cuteness would not be possible without all your work. And Miss L, can you believe that girl?!?! Smile )


  1. So Very Cool Miss Braska.

  2. Great job, Braska! We are thankful for your progress and your desire to learn and grow. Just always be careful!

  3. I was totally holding my breath at the end! Having a kid w/ vision issues I know how hard it is to "let go" and watch them do this kind of thing. Yay Braska!


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