Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mommy report: Eyes good. Fever bad.

Just a quick note for those of you who have been wondering how the eyes are doing postop. 

Bottom line: She’s doing great.

She is a champ and the recovery was really SO much better than I expected.  We have had no glitches in the postop process  There was a moment on Saturday evening when we thought there might be some concern, when she had some goo coming from the eyes that was very abnormal.  But with a couple days more of the antibacterial ointment, she was all good.  There is a little redness still there, but that’s within the range of normal for this point in recovery.

We’re seeing some much better alignment with the crossing issue, and she seems to be more comfortable in general, especially asking for her glasses when they’re not on.  The head tilt to the side is still there, but we hope she re-learns proper posture as her brain and eye muscles heal to their new normal.  The chin-up tip is still very there… we’ll probably be addressing that MLN issue with surgery in Sept/Oct.

Unfortunately, this morning she starting showing signs of something a-comin’.  She went to school and had a good day, but was very quiet according to her teachers.  When she got home, she was lying on the floor a lot, and that’s her first cue that something is not right.  She has a particular way of lying on her belly on the floor, the movement, the glassy watery eyes, etc… I was pretty sure there was a fever on the way. And sure enough, a quick check showed 100.4.  For a super cool little bug who generally lives in the high 96 to low 97 range, 100.4 counts as a real fever in our house.  The kind that usually brings her to a sad little halt.

I gave her some ibuprofen, some lunch, and she asked for some cuddles, in her oh so adorable little way. “Mommy? Please can you hold me?”  She was asleep in about 60 seconds.

So when this girl is in this bed before 1 pm, it’s a sure indicator that she doesn’t feel good.


I am thankful that she bounced back from the eye surgery quickly, and I hope that is the case for our little fever course as well.

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  1. Being sick is for the birds. Feel better soon, little miss.


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