Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pretty dresses that sparkle

Sunday we got to wear some new dresses that we got a while back after Christmas. (Our clothes fairy likes to shop good sales!) Since it was kind of cold again this weekend, we decided to get them out.  It’s never a bad time to look spiffy and sparkly!

KiKi gets all grouchy lately when Mommy wants us to stand by the door for pictures.  So she caught her walking around with her doll, Jennifer.  Can you see Jennifer has a matching dress to KiKi’s too??


We have more special and sparkly dresses that have to wait until Christmas this year.  They’re too big for us to wear yet.  Thanks, Clothes Fairy! :)

Tomorrow is a big day for me…I get to go to the hospital for the day. Don’t know if I like that or not.  Mommy’s going to talk about it a bit more later today on her page.

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  1. You look marvelous. So does your sister.


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