Friday, June 3, 2011

Fresh air medicine


Today we went outside to play for a little while.  It was still in the morning time early when the sun isn’t too hot.  Me and KiKi are feeling a little bit better.  Mostly KiKi is feeling better.  I still don’t feel very good, but I thought it would be fun to go outside and play a little.  Mommy said the fresh air outside might be good for all of us.  I didn’t know that fresh outside air could be like medicine, but it sounds like better medicine than the other yucky stuff I have to take. 

We did some swinging, and some sliding, and more swinging.  We LOVE to swing a lot.  Mommy pushed us for a long time, but then she got tired of pushing.  She keeps trying to teach us to do up and down with our legs and swing ourselves, but it’s way more fun having her push us up high! 

She brought our jumper outside, too, and we played on that for a while.  KiKi is really getting good at jumping pretty high.  I like to hang on to the bar so I don’t fall off. 


After we played, we got to sit in a big chair and have popsicles.  Miss A, my super great teacher at school, brought them over for me when I was still trying to get better from having my eyes fixed.  Since we got all hot outside, Mommy said we could have a popsicle to cool us down.  KiKi is better at eating them than me, but I like to lick them just a little.  It was a good thing Mommy put a towel over our legs or we would have been all super sticky.  I don’t eat mine very fast, and they kind of get drippy everywhere.

(Mommy note: Remember—if you’re new here—this is HUGE that Braska will willingly hold a popsicle for a period of time and intermittently take little tastes. In the video below, you’ll see what happens if she gets more than just the melted liquid in her mouth. That’s not allowed, in her opinion.  But progress is slowly continuing… )

Here’s a little movie of our yummy popsicles… Mommy’s voice sounds a little funny because she’s got sick germs in there.

(Mommy note: For those of you who have been asking for recent speech/language examples from Braska… She’s not really 100% still today, so she’s being a little quiet, and it’s hard to hear because of the air conditioner in the background, and me talking over her, of course, but phrases in here are “Please give it to me,” “I made a mess,” “I’ll clean it up,” “Thank you Miss Amy.”)

sisteroutside3Did you see KiKi at the end? Her grumpy face? That’s what we call it. She does that face a lot.  See…. it’s like this…

We finished our popsicles and we went back in. Mommy was tuckered out.  We played for a bit and now it’s time for nap.  We’re all gonna rest because Mommy ‘specially needs to sleep since she has to go to work tonight, sick or not sick!

Hope we’re ALL feeling better soon!

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  1. Kiki cracks me up. She does a grumpy face pretty good. I am impressed with you Braska for trying the popsicle. Good job.


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