Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sick days and sad times

Me and KiKi and Mommy and Daddy are sick. Yep. All of us.  It’s not much fun at our house right now.

Yesterday, me and KiKi went to the doctor because I got very very hot and KiKi said her ear was hurting a lot.  Dr. A said we both have one ear that’s sick, so she gave us medicine.  When we checked my temp-a-chur, the numbers said 103.1. I was feeling very bad, for sure.


When we got home from the doctor, KiKi and I went to nap.  She decided to sleep on the floor behind the big chair. I guess she was hot and wanted to be close to where the cold air comes out.


Mommy’s been sick, too, but she had to go to work last night anyway.  She looked really bad!  Today she sounds really funny and can’t talk right. And she keeps coughing. I’m coughing, too, but KiKi isn’t.  She is feeling better, so her medicine must be helping.  Then Daddy got sick and said his throat was hurting. He is feeling bad tonight, so Mommy didn’t go to work (because she is more sick) and Daddy’s in bed. 

I told you it was no fun around here today, right?

The sad part about all this is that yesterday was my last day of school with my big class friends, and today was my last day with my little class friends.  So I missed all my friends and didn’t get to say goodbye to them. 

So Mommy made up something quick that Miss Julie took to my class today for everyone to have.  Maybe this way I’ll get to see them again soon.  Some will be in my summer class, but not all of them.


We folded them up nice and Miss A was going to make sure my friends got them.  I hope some of my friends wanna come play this summer!!

I hope we all feel better tomorrow!!


  1. Hi Braska, I am Tommy, from I am new at the school and I don't have too many firends. I will love to play with you this summer. I will tell my mommy to email your mommy so we can play together and have a lot of fun.

  2. My mommy emailed to your mommy to go to a new park that will open this Saturday. I will understand if you cannot come over to play. Get well soon! -Tommy

  3. Well darn! Feel better fast everyone!

  4. Feel better, all of you. Braska, I'm so sad you missed the last day of school. I'm really sad we didn't get to sing our song one more time- that was probably my favorite. Hope you have a very fun summer and you better come visit when you are feeling better of course. Love you little lady!
    -Miss Lydia

  5. I'm praying all of you win this battle with the GERMS very soon. I'll come see you this summer...lots of times, I hope! Love you Sweetie Peach (and my Sugar Plum, too :o)


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