Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home and happy


We’re home. Back from Grammy’s.  And we had a really fun time there!  But it’s fun to come home and see Mommy and Daddy, too. 

Before bed last night, we piled up on Mommy. Usually we wrestle and roll on the floor with Daddy most of the time, but he was busy, so KiKi asked Mommy to sit on the floor. Then we got her!

I’ve been telling them all about what we did and stuff while we were at Grammy’s.  KiKi likes to steal my stories, though. She talks a lot faster than me, too.  But this morning I got up first, and I went in to wake up Mommy.  Then we stayed in bed for a while and talked about the fun things we did.  Until I told her, “Mommy? I want some bef-tist.”  That means I wanna get out of bed and go eat yogurt or oatmeal or something yummy.  So we did.


Today we went down to Auntie Rachel’s house to let Cami out and play for a bit. Cami is their new puppy. She is already getting BIG from when we first saw her. She scares me a little because she gets excited to see me.   And she is as tall as my head, so she can knock me over when she gets too excited. But she played for a while so me and KiKi could watch Wow Wow Wubzy while we had some lunch.  We don’t get that show at home, so we always watch it at Auntie Rachel’s when we visit.  Cami was all tired out when we left, so she went back in her bed and took a nap.

What’s next??  Gotta start getting ready for school now! My new class starts on Monday!

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