Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beds and stuff

I've been trying to help Mommy feel better by playing nice lately. So I haven't been putting up pictures as often. Here's some fun ones that we've taken lately though.

Mommy found me sleeping funny again the other morning when she came to check on me. I don't remember how I got this way.

I helped Mommy take the pictures off Kinlee's walls. It came off really easy. I was a good helper!

Daddy took me and Mommy out to dinner last week for remembering their wedding day 8 years ago. I got all dressed in a warm outfit because it was cold!!

Saturday night Amber and Katelyn came to play with us again after we went to dinner with them. They brought me a whole bunch of toys!! Isn't that nice!! I really like them and they help me practice my standing. Thanks!!

I gave Kinlee my bed, because Mommy said if I did, she would get me a new one. This week I got my new bed, and it's super cool! It even has neat ways to change when I get to be a big girl. I love it!

And I helped Mommy get Kinlee's room ready with my old bed in it. I tried it out to be sure it was cozy. I even took a nap in there to be sure she would like to sleep in it.


  1. Wow Braska you are such a busy girl. Good job with all the helping. Penny sleeps like you some time too.

  2. you are a beautiful little girl Braska and such a good helper!

  3. I cannot believe what a big girl you are becoming...I love your new bed Braska! I just love it. You are going to be the best big sister ever!


  4. I had to laugh at that first picture! Isn't it amazing some of the positions kids can sleep in and it doesn't even phase them!?

  5. She is as cute as ever! I can't believe the positions that you can sleep in!! Great new bed, you are so nice to give your other one to your new sister.

  6. What a helper!! She is so precious!


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