Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Auntie Julia!

Today is my Auntie Julia's birthday. She's 13 now!! Getting to be a teenager is a big deal, everyone says. She is Mommy's youngest sister. I looked for some pictures of me and Auntie Julia together, but I couldn't find any! Isn't that weird? But here's some I found.

This is her at Mommy and Daddy's wedding. It was her 5th birthday that day.

This is from last year when she came to visit right after her birthday.

And these are from this summer.

Happy Birthday, Auntie Ju! Hope you have a really fun day!


  1. Thank you, Braska. Auntie Julia is a pretty special aunt, for sure. The wedding picture reminds me how old your Grammy is getting!

  2. For her birthday, I took her to a Christian concert in Lebanon Saturday night. We heard Jason Gray --


    Rush of Fools, and Big Daddy Weave! (He is BIG!) She chose the new Arby's in Lebanon for supper.. good stuff! Ask her about the "JaMocha" shake! We had a great time... Daddy and his new teenager!


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