Thursday, November 6, 2008

October catch-up

This week has been quiet at our house. Daddy had to work alot and Mommy's not been feeling good again. So we haven't been taking pictures. I did find some from October that we forgot to use, so here's a few from the last weeks.

One of our Bears Sundays I got to try out Shay's neat tricycle in Grandma's kitchen. I liked it ALOT!! Shay rode with me a little and then I did it myself.

I've been helping to teach Shay how to say Touchdown and she finally got it!

Almost every week, I take a nap with Miss Cheryl. We take the good chair and get a snooze in while everyone else is watching the game.

I was feeling pretty silly that week and kept climbing up on the arm of the couch to grab stuff that wasn't mine. It got to be a fun game, and Mommy would grab me and I'd giggle and giggle. I also had some yummy stuff that night.

One day we went to look for costumes and we tried out some fun chairs. This one was comfortable but I didn't know who that girl was on the chair. Mommy said she might get me one so I have a place to sit and watch my shows. I don't have one yet though...

Mommy put up a thing so I can't get in the kitchen sometimes. It's really hard to get it out of the way. So I just stand there and wave at whoever is in the kitchen.

I love to take baths, and I ask for them everytime I can sneak into the bathroom. Baths are lots of fun!!

On Halloween day, I went to see Daddy at work, and we went all around his buildings downtown. We visited lots of people, but the camera quit working so we only got one picture there. You can see it over on Daddy's page. Here's my smiles from before we left to see Daddy. Now we'll save the ducky for next year when Kinlee can wear it.


  1. Seriously, do you know how cute she is? Really? She could be a baby model! I think you should make sure to have head shots prepared for when the model hunters start knocking at your door. And with another one on the way...what will the world do...the cuteness is unmatchable!!!

  2. I tell ya what Braska...there is nothing better than napping with football in the background ....except maybe napping with Nascar in the background:)

    And you truly are the cutest Duck I have EVER seen!

  3. Oh Miss Braska, I sure do miss all of your pictures. You are so so so cute!! I just adore you. Tell your mommy that I'm thinking of her and hope that she starts feeling better.

  4. Way to go, Braska! That birthday is getting REALLY close!

    I got to see your cousin Carly Sat and Sun. She is a cutie, too!

  5. Braska - you are THE cutest Duck I think I've ever seen! You make me smile. =)


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