Monday, November 17, 2008

Go Vote for Kayla!!

My friend Kayla is a finalist in a contest of pictures. She is SO pretty! But this picture has her kind of messy and fun! Kayla's blog was one of the first ones I saw when I was a tiny baby, and then I made my own... so Kayla's one of my extra special blog buddies. Her daddy is going away again soon to help our country be safe. If they win, her mommy and daddy get lots of groceries! That will help her mommy alot while her daddy is gone, so go vote! She's #4.

Yay Kayla!!


  1. I just voted for Kayla. She now has 48 votes :o)

  2. Oh Braska you are just so cute! Thanks for spreading the word and helping us out! Kayla wishes she could come over and watch Blue's Clues with you :)

  3. I joined the competition so i cant vote for her, but oh how cute.

    I also wanted to tell you this earlier in my last comment, but I love your new design on the blog. It is real nice.


  4. She's winning by a landslide...let's hope it stays that way until 12/2.


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