Monday, December 22, 2008

Moving a little faster

I've been working on crawling for a long time. I just don't see why everyone wants me to do it. I can scoot around pretty quick, so why bother, right? But I've been trying it out for a while, just a little at a time.

Last night, Mommy caught me coming down the hallway from my room. She thought I had been making it faster than usual when I went down there to play, so she went to see what I was doing. Take a peek at my new little movie!


  1. YEA BRASKA!!! That is so great!

  2. I knew this was coming very soon. Way to go, sweetie peach!!

  3. Whoo-Hoo!! WTG Miss Braska- you're moving right along now,huh? Cute as a button too :) thanks for sharing your new moves with us!

  4. woohoo!! way to go!! mayson still has never crawled. She can but wont!! braska is doing great! i love those glasses too! cute!


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