Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Picture catch-up, November

These are some pictures that I didn't get put up when we took them. So I'll just put a bunch of them up for you to see.

I borrowed Daddy's hat because it matched my dress pretty good!

Don't you think it looks better on me???

We went for a quick visit with Miss Jessie and our friends at her church. Miss Melanie is so nice and she always reads my stories, so I showed her how good I'm getting at practicing steps. We all went to lunch together and it was pretty fun to play with the boys at Miss Jessie's house after.

For Thanksgiving, we went to Grammy and Papa's house. It was a nice day, and I just played around on the floor alot. We call it "chilling out." I made some funny faces when Mommy tried to take pictures.

The next day, we went back to the kids hospital so I could do another test. This time we got the nice lady who doesn't hurt me when she takes my blood. Daddy went with us this time and we got to look out the big high-up window by where we parked the car. I just love the wind!


  1. What a cute little cheerleader you are.

  2. she is way too cute. and that hair! she needs a Christmas stocking full of barrettes and hair bows and ribbons.

  3. she is so beautiful - I love her pics!


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