Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Standing and splashing

Today I practiced standing alot. I'm working on helping my legs get stronger so I can walk by myself soon. I was a little grouchy though, maybe because my teeth hurt some, so I just did little bits at a time.

My friends Amber and Katelyn gave me these fun tables to play with, and Mommy put them close to each other so I could go from one to the other. It takes me a while, but I am getting better.

I also practiced my standing and sitting today, and I'm getting so much faster! Look at me go!

Then tonight I took a bath and Daddy helped me wash my hair. He is so silly, and he made me look silly too!


  1. Great video and SPECIAL hair-do! With posts like this, we're sure to keep coming back to your blog! (As if we wouldn't anyhow! ha-ha)

  2. WOW! Love that hair! I loved the video as well. Brian and I are new at this blog thing, but if you want to visit ours we are at brian&

  3. That is some hair-do Braska. I wonder if dad could make mine like that? :) Oh I like your tables. They look fun.

  4. Braska, you are so smart. Before mommy knows it, you'll take off and walk a bunch all at once, just like she did. Love you!!!

  5. she's becoming a pro with the standing/sitting stool! and she listens so well when you tell her stand up! :)

    I have a picture of Kayla's bathtime hair like that too! Joe put it up to see how high it was LOL


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