Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pool Day: Summer's here!

Sunday we went to Miss Cindy's pool for the first time since it got warm again. But first we went to church, of course. I love going to Sunday School and seeing my friends Miss Carrie and Miss McKenna.

For church this week, me and KiKi wore matching outfits. They were yellow and white. But when Daddy saw mine, he said it was not ok and told Mommy I needed different pants, not just bloomers. He said my dress was too short to wear with just bloomers and it was "in-uh-pro-pree-ut" for church. So I just put on some jeans and wore my dress like a shirt.
sisters1 sisters2 sisters3 sisters4
(Mommy note: Can I just say this whole situation of M using the veto power on Braska's outfit kind of cracked me up?! It was a bit like a milestone to me. The first instance of "You're not leaving the house like that, young lady!" Too funny. I'm sure it's far from the last time we'll get the veto.)

At church, we saw Auntie Skye and Uncle Jody. I can see lots of stuff when Uncle Jody holds me because he's way up high!

After church and lunch, we went to Miss Cindy's house. Almost everyone was there to swim. Miss Cheryl and Uncle Ethon, Grandma C and Papaw, Uncle Levi and Auntie Janice and little Xander too. He's not very little anymore though! He weighs almost as much as me!
gmakids2 pool

I got to wear a new swimsuit. Auntie Rachel got it for me when I was a tiny baby, but it just now fits! I showed everyone how cute I was and I told them too. "Cute!" I said, lots of times.
braskasuit1 braskasuit3 braskasuit4 braskasuit-sq

Daddy got in the pool with me so I could splash and swim. Uncle Ethon tried to help, too.


Here's a short movie of me swimming and splashing and saying it too!

I like to float around and splash. Sometimes I put my face in the water,too, but just for a quick second.

I was all tired after playing in the pool. And Miss Cheryl's lap is always the best place for naps, I say.

We are going back this Sunday again... so there will be more pictures and stories, I'm sure!


  1. I love your matching yellow outfits and your bathing suit is very cute. What a fun day.

  2. Hello Braska!
    You sure are a cute little girl. Your Mommy and Daddy are very lucky to have such a sweet little girl.

    Since you like swimming so much please tell your Mommy to check out the Swinline Swim Tee Trainer. I was at a swimming party and there was a little guy there that had one on and he loved it and I was quite impressed how well it worked. He could float around very safely.
    Here is a link to what one looks like on Amazon. (There are others but is the one that he had on, and it worked great).

    Good Luck!


  3. I love those swimsuit poses, girl. You are going to be a regular fish, one of these days :o)

  4. I forgot to say your Daddy's smart to get started on the dress code early!

  5. I forgot to say your Daddy's smart to get started on the dress code early!

  6. I totally LOVE that swimming suit. THat couldn't be any cuter!!!

    Glad you had fun.

  7. Very, very cute Braska! You and your sister just keep getting more adorable

  8. Your verbal skills are awesome. And although daddy out ranks you now, pretty soon your little finger will be busy wrapping him around it and you might get your way.

  9. could they be any sweeter together?!


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