Friday, June 5, 2009

Playground: First time!

Last Saturday I came home after staying with Grammy for a whole week. When I got home, I was telling Mommy and Daddy all about the stuff we did and the places we went.  And I just crawled all around the house real fast.  Mommy said I was "high-per" and that she hadn't ever seen me so silly!

So Mommy and Daddy took me to the park to play so I could be silly outside.  It was pretty hot so we didn't stay too long.  But this was my first time to go to a park like this, so I had to check it out.

First I walked with Daddy a little and looked at the places to play.
Then we sat down to see how the squishy stuff felt that we were walking on.

Then I saw some some other stuff that I wanted to touch.  Mommy was surprised because I don't usually like stuff like this.  It was little tiny pieces of trees.

But I decided I liked the squishy stuff better. So I went back up there.

We went over to the slide next.  I just LOVE to slide.  I kept yelling at Daddy that I wanted to go on the slide.  Yelling really loud. "SLIDE!!!! SLIDE!!!!"

"Hey, can a girl get a little help?"        slide2

"Here, Daddy, take my hand. I can't look."

Daddy catches me every time so I don't fall off.

Then we went to my other favorite thing. Swinging!!!!!

(Mommy note: I just had to crop the pic above so you could get a better look at her.  She absolutely LOVES swinging, the higher, the better.  She was SO excited! I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog author.)

This is how swinging works... Daddy pushes me real good.

Then I go way up high!!  I love it!!!!!

Soon we went home, because we were getting pretty hot. But it was sure a fun little trip to the park.  I think we'll go back a whole lot more!


  1. How fun is that and I must say, I am a sucker for family time. You guys are such awesome parents.

  2. Very cool. Parks are always fun.

  3. Aren't playgrounds the best! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  4. Looks like Braska had a blast at the playground!


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