Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fashion Show: June 09

I've been pretty busy with playing and eating (yep, eating!) and making messes, so I haven't had much time for stories and pictures. Sorry 'bout that. But I have been wearing some cute new things, so I thought I'd show you a few of them.

Mommy always takes pictures of the first time I wear an outfit. I stand in front of the big chair because it is soft and I don't mind leaning on it. If she tries to put me in front of the wall or the door, I sit down quick or yell at her because it's not soft and I don't feel like it will help me stand up like it's supposed to.

Mommy sometimes gets grouchy during picture time because I don't like to co-oper-ate with her any more. I look all over but not at the camera, and she says it makes her crazy. Here's a bunch of pictures so you can see what I do when Mommy wants me to look at her.

Sometimes I look down or over at Daddy. And I bunch up my shirt when she wants it flat and pretty.
bfashion4 bfashion5

Then I tell her "All done," but I still don't look at her.

She tries to get me to do the happy dance, and sometimes she tricks me to get a picture.

Once in a while, I look for just a second, so she has to be ready!

(Mommy note: We call this one "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis??)

"Ok, here we go again."

"Maybe if I cover my nose, she'll stop..."

"Look away, don't look at Mommy. Is she done yet? Don't look!"

"She said to smile, but I don't wanna."
bfashion4 bfashion3

"'Avert the eyes.' That's what Daddy says to do."

"Have you got a good one yet? Ok, we're done here!"

(As always, you can click on any picture to make it bigger.)


  1. Braska, you are too cute!! I wish you and Penny pants could hang out together, I bet you would have a great time.

  2. Such cute outfits! The last one is my favorite!

  3. Makes me want to go shopping for more cute clothes for you Miss Braska! You just look so cute in everything.

    Great writing to your mom!

  4. That's okay, Braska; I don't like to try on clothes, either. I do like the flowered shirt and pink pants, tho :o)


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