Friday, June 19, 2009

Buddy Walk Sunday

On Sunday we got up and got dressed for church.  Me and KiKi wore new matching outfits that Auntie Rachel brought us a while back.  We both got big enough to fit in them now.

First we took our Sunday sister pictures.  There were a bunch of them, so check out KiKi's page to see some more if you want to.

When it was time for my pictures by myself, I wasn't in the mood.  "Please, Mommy. No more pictures."

After church, we decided to go to the Buddy Walk and meet up with Blake and his family.  This was our first Buddy Walk, and we didn't even have to walk much since we got there late because we went to church first.  But we did get to see some of our friends and lots and lots of people we didn't know.  There was some good music so I danced on Daddy's shoulders.

Blake had his lunch, so I thought I'd eat too.  Mommy brought me a pudding cup and I at the WHOLE THING!  Everyone was pretty impressed. 

Sometime soon I'll have to tell you about how good I'm doing with my eating stuff!

It was pretty fun to go to the Buddy Walk, but I hope someday they can put it back on Saturday so I can make a team and bring my whole family and everything.  That would be really fun, I think!


  1. You and your sis look so cute in your matching outfits! The Buddy Walk is so much fun! I bet that pudding was yummy!

  2. i love the outfits! and wooohooo on eating that pudding!! how exciting!!

  3. wow you guys had your buddy walk already!? looks like it was a success and the girls look adorable - as usual!

  4. I love your matching outfits! Hopefully, we'll get to meet you between now and next year's Buddy Walk. Matthew loves to make new friends.


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