Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catch-up: Visit from the famous LC!

On Tuesday, last week I got the best surprise!  My blog friend LC came to my house!  She's like a superstar in our house, and I couldn't believe she was just right there!  She even brought her Mommy and two grandmas!

"Is that really LC?!?"  I think we felt a little shy at first.LCbraska3

Then she started to grin and be silly. I still wasn't sure about it.

I showed her my favorite stacking cups. 

We chatted for a while on the floor.

And then we tried to be real still so KiKi wouldn't see us.

LC is so cute!! She was all happy and is way better at smiling for pictures than I am.    

At the end, we took a bunch of pictures of all of us. But LC took one all by herself when she grabbed Mommy's camera.  She's pretty good at that too, don't you think?!

You can read on LC's blog about her visit with us. And Mommy did a short story about it too.

Thanks for coming LC!!!  Can't wait to see you next month!!


  1. HA! I completely cracked up at the "hiding from KiKi" pose...then I went back through and tried to figure out which captured expression is Lc's way of communicating "I just accomplished the biggest poop of my life."

    We had SUCH fun and can't wait to meet again...

  2. Looks like everyone had a nice visit! Such adorable pictures!

  3. How fun!! Looks like everyone had a fun time. :-) How could you not have fun with 3 cute kids?

  4. Braska, you sure make friends easily. I think it is your Cutie McCuterson abilities.


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