Thursday, July 9, 2009

Silly sister scene stealing

My baby sister KiKi is 5 months old today. When we were taking her birthday pictures this morning, I wanted to get in on the fun.  Mommy  put me in the bed and told me to sit out of the way.  At first I did.

Then I climbed up on my feet.

I got right up in front of the camera.  sillyface3

(This next one is one of Mommy's favorite new pictures.  She says she wishes I would be more fun and silly in front of other people because I always get quiet and shy.)  sillyface

Then I thought I was so funny that I giggled and let go and sat right on KiKi!


  1. That is a really good smiley photo of Braska.

  2. Sharing the limelight isn't easy, is it, Sweetie Peach? :o) Love you!!


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