Friday, July 10, 2009

I know P and T!

Yesterday I went to school for PT with Miss A.  Miss J came too so she could see how much I talk when I'm playing in the PT room.  (I don't talk very much with Miss J.  They don't know why and I'm not sayin'.)

I just love the PT room!!! I wish I had one of those at home!  Today we did 2 kinds of swings, and I did a good job staying on when it was really hard.  I crawled under things and went through the big tunnel and worked really hard to crawl over the big cloud pillow thing.

There's a basket of big letters in the PT room and I always find them and get them out.  I really like letters and numbers, and I like to say what they are.  When we go in the PT room, there are number cards on the floor and I pick them up and tell Miss A what number is on them.  Today we got the basket of letters and I stood up at the rock wall and put them on there.  When Miss A gave me the letters, I told her what they were and then we put them on the wall.

(Mommy note: Braska blew us away yesterday at her PT session.  She just goes crazy in the motor room at her school.  The sessions we do there are amazing, because the kid just is ON when we are in that environment. 

She has not been showing off her speech and signing skills for Miss J during ST sessions, so they worked it out for Miss J to come and hang out at the PT session to see how Braska does when she's all hopped up on excitement fumes.

She started out a little slower than usual, but she warmed up to her very loud and animated mode very quickly.  When they went to the rock wall, Braska identified more letters by sight than I would have *ever* thought she could.  They weren't in order of the alphabet--she knows that order, so her giving names then is not as surprising--just in random order.  Miss A showed her the letter, Braska told her what it was, and then she put it on the wall.  I wish I'd have video taped the whole thing...I was stunned.

Miss J made a full list of all her words and letters during the session, and it was LONG.  But for that section of identifying letters, the ones I remember are these: H, J, G, E, L, K, S, Z, U, P, F, O, T.  I might have some wrong there, and I think there were more, but I can't remember which ones.  Still, Miss J tells us that this type of verbal identification of letters correctly is way ahead of Braska's age, DS or not! How crazy is that?!?  It was just so exciting to watch her do something I had no idea she could do!

I hope to have some new video very soon of some of her speech and signing. She's LOVING Baby Signing Time again these days!!)


  1. Oh my goodness! Oh my! What an accomplishment Braska! And RK you are inspiring.

  2. that is really great! :) i'll bet they just love her; she's so cute!!

  3. She's AWESOME!!!

    Have you considered co-treating ST and PT? We did ST and OT for a while,and it really helped with the ST getting the words out! Some people really like the idea of keeping them separate, but for us, we saw a big spurt of development by doing them together.

    I can't believe that about the letters!

  4. That's awesome! Our three-year-old isn't identifying letters yet. Way to go Braska!

  5. Awesome!! Way to go Braska!

  6. It is so exciting when they show us things we had no idea they could do! WTG Braska!


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