Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 birthdays for 3! #2

Sunday was time for Bears again, but since it was at night this time, we did some birthday stuff first.  Well, FIRST we got dressed and went to church at PaPaw’s church.  We put on pretty outfits and everything!  But when Mommy wanted to take pictures, we just got silly.

Grandma C, PaPaw, Uncle Ethon, and Miss Cheryl came to watch the Bears with us.  We did birthday candle again, and Mommy helped me blow it out.

PaPaw and Grandma C got me a neat bike! It has 3 wheels since I’m 3.  Uncle Levi and Auntie Janice sent me fun number puzzles. 


  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE your new bike. I think you will have lots of fun riding it.

  2. Happy Birthday Nebraska! I cannot believe you are 3 already!

  3. Happy Birthday dear Braska! THREE is Big! So cool! I remember when you were born :)

    Hugs fr Austria


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