Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 birthdays for 3! #1

You probably heard the news that I had a birthday on Saturday. I’m 3 now!!!  I can even tell you if you ask me how old I am, but sometimes I forget and say “2!!”  I was 2 for a long time, you know!

I guess since I’m 3, I get 3 birthdays. Or something like that.  I had one on Saturday, and Mommy said that was the real day.  Then I had another on Sunday, and I’ll get another one on Thursday this week!  This birthday thing is fun!  But you’ll have to wait til later to hear about the other ones… there are too many pictures!

First I got up and dressed in a new outfit.  Mommy got me this shirt and sweater back when she thought I would wear it when I was the number of months on the tag inside, but I never was big enough when I was 18 months, so it’s been waiting for me.  We decided that even though it was still a little big, I was going to wear it for my birthday.  And you know Mommy, she always has to take a bunch of pictures… (remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Mommy and I went to see Dr. R, and he looked at my second belly button.  Then we went to where they stuck me in the arm to get some blood out, but I didn’t cry much, and they gave me a sticker.

When we got home, there was mail for me!  Aunt Chris and Uncle Don sent me a present! Books!!

And I got a birthday card from Miss Jo and Mr. Bill.

Look what’s in there?!?!

After nap, we went to see Jack at his house.  Miss Julie and Madelyn had got me this cute “pwincess” or at least that is what I kept calling it. Mommy was surprised I knew that word.

Me and Jack got in the big chair for some pictures.

And then I got him with tickles!!

Mommy had a little cupcake with a big 3 on it and it was on fire!  She said it was a candle, and I was supposed to blow on it.  I asked Jack to help me fix my sleeve first.

Then we did some YAY’s!

Here’s a little movie of me saying my new number. 

I did taste the stuff on top of the cake, but it wasn’t my favorite.  Jack liked it some, though.

Thank you, Miss Julie!  Thank you, Aunt Chris and Uncle Don!  Thank you, Miss Jo and Mr. Bill!

I’ll tell you about Birthday #2 tomorrow!


  1. WOW! What a wonderful report with fantastic pictures! Keep on growing and learning. Enjoyed seeing you Sunday and Papa will see you soon!

  2. What a fun birthday, Braska. Miss Jalayne would tell you that you might want to try that cupcake again. Chocolate cupcakes and frosting was Laynee (and Daddy's) favorite. But then Laynee loved food in general. I hope you're loving your new school

  3. Happy Birthday, Braska!

  4. Wow, she's really growing up! Sounds like she loves school too!


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