Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Day of 3-School

On Monday, since I’m 3 now and everything, I got to go to 3-School!  Mommy calls it “pre-school” but I think she doesn’t say it right, because all us in there are 3, so it must be 3-School!

I get to go to my same school as where I was going before on Mondays, but now I get to go 4 days every week, in the morning time.  I was pretty excited to go, but Mommy wanted to take pictures, and I was just wanting to get in the van and get there!!

Here’s some that she took in front of our house. That’s my backpack.  I like to say “backpack.”  (I learned it on Signing Time, you know.  Mommy got me the ones from the library a few weeks ago to teach me the words and signs that I would need at school and the ones about birthdays, since I had one of those too!  There’s a Signing Time for everything!!)

”Ok, Mommy. Quick, take a picture.”

”Look,THEY are leaving, it must be time for school!”

“Backpack. Check.”

”Shoes, Sure Steps. Check. Check.”

After school, me and Jack talked about it a little.  He’s been there a few weeks, so he knows the kids in our class a little better. It was just my first day.

”Hi, Jack. What did you think of school today?”

”Hey, did you see this scratchy stuff we’re sitting on??”

“Do This! Put your tongue out like this!”

(Mommy note: One of Braska’s favorite things lately is to tell someone, usually Jack or KiKi, to “do this!” and show them something. Hitting blocks together, banging on a drum, stomping her feet on the floor…she learned it from her teacher at pre-preschool, and it’s SO funny to see.)

”Look, there goes the bus, and the other one, and the other one.  Someday we might ride them, but it’s fun that our mommies pick us up!”

”Ok, hugs before you go home.”

”Muuuuaaah!  No smooch for me today???”

This is gonna be a fun year of school!!!


  1. Yay Braska!!!! You sure are a big girl now

  2. I know you and Jack and the others will learn a lot and have a lot of fun! Great to be at your 3rd birthday party, too!

  3. Looks wonderful kiddo. I sure wish Soph could be closer to you, well, all of us really. When did you go and get so grown up?

  4. YAY love the 3 school :)
    Your too cute Braska!! Has to be said Jack is too stinking cute too!!

  5. Those pics are cute beyond words!


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