Thursday, November 12, 2009

And I helped!

On Sunday we went to Grandma C’s for football again.  We do this most every Sunday because we can watch Da Bears at her house but not at our house.  Our TV doesn’t show us Bears.  I don’t know how that works. Maybe Grandma C made it that way so we will come see her.  She’s tricky sometimes like that.

This week we got to see Aunt Doris and Uncle Tim. Aunt Doris is Grandma C’s sister, but they live far away in a state called Washington, so I had never got to meet them.  They are both VERY nice!! I wish they lived where we could see them more.  They have a daughter named Larae and that’s where I got my middle name, isn’t that neat?  I hope I get to meet her someday soon.  And Cousin Priscilla and Cousin Zachary too!

Aunt Doris cleaned up the kitchen after dinner and she let me help her.  I think I did pretty good for my first time.

I hope we can see you again soon, Uncle Tim and Aunt Doris!


  1. RK,
    Laynee had those same shoes that Braska is wearing in the picture. Give Braska a kiss for me.

  2. that is sooo cute!! mayson loves to swiffer our floors too! great PT!!!`


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