Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Day of 3-School

On Monday, since I’m 3 now and everything, I got to go to 3-School!  Mommy calls it “pre-school” but I think she doesn’t say it right, because all us in there are 3, so it must be 3-School!

I get to go to my same school as where I was going before on Mondays, but now I get to go 4 days every week, in the morning time.  I was pretty excited to go, but Mommy wanted to take pictures, and I was just wanting to get in the van and get there!!

Here’s some that she took in front of our house. That’s my backpack.  I like to say “backpack.”  (I learned it on Signing Time, you know.  Mommy got me the ones from the library a few weeks ago to teach me the words and signs that I would need at school and the ones about birthdays, since I had one of those too!  There’s a Signing Time for everything!!)

”Ok, Mommy. Quick, take a picture.”

”Look,THEY are leaving, it must be time for school!”

“Backpack. Check.”

”Shoes, Sure Steps. Check. Check.”

After school, me and Jack talked about it a little.  He’s been there a few weeks, so he knows the kids in our class a little better. It was just my first day.

”Hi, Jack. What did you think of school today?”

”Hey, did you see this scratchy stuff we’re sitting on??”

“Do This! Put your tongue out like this!”

(Mommy note: One of Braska’s favorite things lately is to tell someone, usually Jack or KiKi, to “do this!” and show them something. Hitting blocks together, banging on a drum, stomping her feet on the floor…she learned it from her teacher at pre-preschool, and it’s SO funny to see.)

”Look, there goes the bus, and the other one, and the other one.  Someday we might ride them, but it’s fun that our mommies pick us up!”

”Ok, hugs before you go home.”

”Muuuuaaah!  No smooch for me today???”

This is gonna be a fun year of school!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

3 birthdays for 3! #3

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day.  I know that because it’s Mommy’s favorite day, so she always talks about it coming right before we get ready for Christmas. 

But yesterday was also my birthday… again!!! Remember I told you I had 3 birthdays for turning 3?? This was #3, and it was with all my family from Mommy’s side.  We all went to Auntie Skye and Uncle Jody’s house for our big turkey dinner, and we also got to have a little bit of birthday party too.

Here’s everyone who was there…
Uncle Patrick and Auntie Rachel (She’s Mommy’s sister.)

Uncle Jody (Mommy’s brother) and Auntie Skye

Papa, Grammy, Auntie Julia, Uncle Ryan, and Auntie Joy. (Mommy’s mommy and daddy and other sisters and brother)

And Daddy and Mommy were there too.  Guess you probably figured that out already… KiKi was napping, so she didn’t get in the picture with us.

Everyone helped me blow out my candle since I’m not so strong to do it by myself.

Then I opened a present from Grammy and Papa.  First I read the card on top. 

Then I opened the present. Daddy helped, but I pulled the paper some.

It was a book about kids in the Bible.  I love Bible stories!

And there were two puzzles in there.  One of them had animals on it.  This one used to be Mommy’s. She was so surprised to see it she kept saying, “Wow!” 

Here’s the back of the puzzle… it has Mommy’s name on it and the guy who gave it to her when she had a birthday to turn 1.
And Uncle Jody and Auntie Skye gave me this table so I can sit and read books and color.  I tried it out as soon as I got home. My chair from Miss Karen fits just right!

Thank you to everyone who made all 3 birthdays so much fun!  I can’t wait til next year!  I’ll get 4 birthdays for 4!  Oh, wait… Mommy says it doesn’t always work that way.  I guess I’ll wait and see.

Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 birthdays for 3! #2

Sunday was time for Bears again, but since it was at night this time, we did some birthday stuff first.  Well, FIRST we got dressed and went to church at PaPaw’s church.  We put on pretty outfits and everything!  But when Mommy wanted to take pictures, we just got silly.

Grandma C, PaPaw, Uncle Ethon, and Miss Cheryl came to watch the Bears with us.  We did birthday candle again, and Mommy helped me blow it out.

PaPaw and Grandma C got me a neat bike! It has 3 wheels since I’m 3.  Uncle Levi and Auntie Janice sent me fun number puzzles. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 birthdays for 3! #1

You probably heard the news that I had a birthday on Saturday. I’m 3 now!!!  I can even tell you if you ask me how old I am, but sometimes I forget and say “2!!”  I was 2 for a long time, you know!

I guess since I’m 3, I get 3 birthdays. Or something like that.  I had one on Saturday, and Mommy said that was the real day.  Then I had another on Sunday, and I’ll get another one on Thursday this week!  This birthday thing is fun!  But you’ll have to wait til later to hear about the other ones… there are too many pictures!

First I got up and dressed in a new outfit.  Mommy got me this shirt and sweater back when she thought I would wear it when I was the number of months on the tag inside, but I never was big enough when I was 18 months, so it’s been waiting for me.  We decided that even though it was still a little big, I was going to wear it for my birthday.  And you know Mommy, she always has to take a bunch of pictures… (remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Mommy and I went to see Dr. R, and he looked at my second belly button.  Then we went to where they stuck me in the arm to get some blood out, but I didn’t cry much, and they gave me a sticker.

When we got home, there was mail for me!  Aunt Chris and Uncle Don sent me a present! Books!!

And I got a birthday card from Miss Jo and Mr. Bill.

Look what’s in there?!?!

After nap, we went to see Jack at his house.  Miss Julie and Madelyn had got me this cute “pwincess” or at least that is what I kept calling it. Mommy was surprised I knew that word.

Me and Jack got in the big chair for some pictures.

And then I got him with tickles!!

Mommy had a little cupcake with a big 3 on it and it was on fire!  She said it was a candle, and I was supposed to blow on it.  I asked Jack to help me fix my sleeve first.

Then we did some YAY’s!

Here’s a little movie of me saying my new number. 

I did taste the stuff on top of the cake, but it wasn’t my favorite.  Jack liked it some, though.

Thank you, Miss Julie!  Thank you, Aunt Chris and Uncle Don!  Thank you, Miss Jo and Mr. Bill!

I’ll tell you about Birthday #2 tomorrow!