Saturday, November 3, 2012

Athletic National Champs. We won!

Today I got to do another cheer competition. I told Mommy when we were getting dressed, “I LOVE cheer competition!”  And we had lots of fun today!

I was so excited. And I did my parts really good today!  There were lots and lots of cheerleaders there, from lots of different states. 

But the big news is that we won our division! Woo Hoo!  Our team got a big sign to put in our gym.bombgroup-wm

I got some neat stuff to take home, too… another medal, and a super cool sweatshirt.

Next weekend I have one show in St. Louis on Friday night to do, and then we go to a place called Joplin for another BIG competition on Saturday and Sunday. KiKi’s team didn’t do their routine today, so she watched with Mommy and Daddy. She was a little sad.  But when we go to Joplin, her team gets to go and do their stuff there, too.   It’ll be a fun girls trip with Mommy.

This time we had 3 new cheerleaders, from my group of “extra” cool friends in my town.  I love my team! I tell Mommy and Daddy that I wanna go cheer every day, so I’m excited for practice again tomorrow afternoon!

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  1. Super Cool. Your team is EXTRA awesome. Tell mommy to give you a kiss from Aunt Karol


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