Saturday, November 17, 2012

One big fun birthday party for SIX!

Today was my big fun birthday party!  I’m not quite 6 yet, but I will be on Wednesday.

Auntie Cheryl decorated my cupcakes and they were SO cute!

I had friends there from lot of different groups and places…  35 kids!  (A couple were missing from the picture…)birthdaygroup1

Plus lots of parents and some teachers and grown-up friends.

It was really nice that so many people came out for my party today. 

Thanks, everyone!!!


  1. Thanks everyone for coming. It was fun. Can't wait to see you for number 7!

  2. So sorry we missed it - looks fabulous.
    Happy Birthday Braska!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Love your cupcakes. We will be celebrating a 6th birthday soon too.


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