Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My new senator friend

Tonight we went to Miss Cindy's to meet up with our family and some new friends. Well, they are old friends of Grandma and Grandpa and Daddy and the uncles. Mommy knew them from when she was dating Daddy, but this was the first time I got to meet them.

Mr. Jon and Miss Sharla are from Montana, that's how my family knows them, but now they live in Washington, DC, some of the time. He's called a Senator, and he works with some pretty important people. I thought it was pretty neat to get to meet them, though I was kind of shy tonight. I was afraid he was going to ask me who Mommy and Daddy were gonna vote for!! (Shhhhhh...I think we're on different teams. Don't tell! Its ok, let's just play cards instead!)
We had a good time. They were all still playing cards when we left to come home. Miss Cindy's so nice to let us come to her house so much!! Here she is with Shay...they had some fun looking at the fish pond and blowing bubbles.
Thanks for coming by to visit, Mr. Jon and Miss Sharla!! It was very nice to meet you!


  1. Girlfriend, you are looking so grown up and beautiful. I'm so happy that I get to see you this weekend. ---Jen

  2. Braska....are you going to be a lobbyist now too? are so busy!


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