Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Bear Party: Week 4

Hey, does anyone smell fried chicken?????

The family came to our house this week for the Bears party since it was on Sunday night. I had lots of good times getting into things tonight!

I wore my Bears outfit from last year. It has 3/6 months on the tag inside, but I can still wear it! Last year we thought it was funny that I could wear it because I was 9 months old. Now I can still wear it and I'm 22 months old!! I just had to have a t-shirt under it since my belly was showing! But I didn't want to wear the hat that goes with it. It covers my pretty bow!! And don't worry, Daddy says this is the ONLY time I'll get to wear words on my bottom. That's not allowed in Daddy's house!

Remember last year?? Who is that tiny baby??

Miss Cheryl's cords were fun to tap with.

Daddy practiced catching like the Bears guys do it, but he used me to throw and catch!!

Grandma C has neat shoes that match my Bears outfit. And strings are the BEST!!

Here's a movie of our party night! And a new trick I learned!

I showed Miss Cheryl how to do my new trick too. She learns so fast!!

I tried to show her another one of my favorite things, kissing my toes, but she didn't learn this one so fast.

I even showed Grandma C how to do TOUCHDOWN!!

Daddy and I practiced our fist bumps too. It's like saying hi to people. It's what the cool kids do.

After all that fun, I cuddled with Uncle Ethon for a while. He's very comfy.


  1. Such a fun day. I noticed the Bears did better with their touchdowns once you showed them how to do it.

  2. The difference between last year and this year...WOW! Such a BIG girl! So grown up!!!

    And I love the fist bumps. I have to teach that to G.

  3. Holy Moly - the difference between last year and this year is just incredible!! Amazing!

  4. That little Braska is so dang cute! I love the reflection video! Too funny! She was cracking me up!

  5. What a cutie!! Da Bears is one of the first sayings my husband teaches our girls.Are you originally from Chicago? I have read your blog of and on for a while but, don't remember seeing that.

  6. WOW! Look at how big she is!
    Womnderful! And I love her dress :-)

  7. OMGosh she is growing up so fast. I cant believe the difference in her size from last year.

    She is so darn cute and learning so fast. What a doll.

    Keep up the good work Braska!! You are Awesome!


  8. Ah man, you went to KFC when you live so close to King Edward's chicken? :)

    Braska is getting so big and is so talented. What a super star!

  9. Oh Braska Bear, you are so cute. You make an adorable cheerleader. I love KFC too.

  10. Oh, sweet Braska... when you get older, please educate your parents that green and gold are a much better combination than orange and blue. ;-)
    I don't think you could get any cuter, even though your parents put you in a Bears outfit!


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