Friday, September 12, 2008

Mommy report: Therapy update

Thought it was about time for an update. Braska's sitting in the bathtub having a good ole' time and I sit next to her with the laptop catching up on some blogs and other online items. It's been a CRAZY does that keep happening?!?

Many of you have asked about Braska's therapy since we had a bit of a sad incident and misunderstanding with a couple of our therapists in July. The good news is, we LOVE our new therapists, she interacts with them very well and is not overwhelmed. This is VERY good.

The PT has been impressed with how she's doing, and so have I. We've worked on many things in the little break we've had, but I always feel like I've not done enough. But Braska is just now starting to do some cruising along the bathtub and the couch, and she's picking it up quickly. She's still loving climbing on the couch, boxes, stairs (a little) and whatever else looks to her like the right size and shape to climb on. She loves to practice her "steps" and when it's time to change her diaper or go to her room for some reason, we go down the hall very slowly with her holding onto my hands and she takes steps down the hall. She really loves doing it, and often asks several times afterward to do "more" (signing) and saying "up" (verbally). We're doing alot of practice of sitting down and standing up (like baby sqats) to strengthen her quads, but she is so darn cooperative that it's not bad at all.

Our new OT is also very good. She has a perspective I like and I think Braska will respond to. We're going to work on letting Braska do some non-eating type things with food, like helping to prepare things in some way. Tearing lettuce, which I think she'll love since tearing paper is a FAVE, will no doubt go over well. But I have to get some lettuce first, I guess. Braska has been doing well tasting things still, eating small quantities of pudding or yogurt (maybe a tablespoon at a sitting) and she's loving taking sips of very cold water from my glass or her nosey cup. She loves tomatoes, though she still only kind of gnaws on the soft part a bit. If any "bits," as we call them, get in her mouth, they're rejected pretty quickly, but not messy-like, which is nice.

We've added nutrition to her list of appointments, 2x per month, and she comes here. I like her alot too, and I think that's due alot to her perspective that we'll keep working on Braska and her eating, but she thinks that the best thing for Little Miss Stubborn and her eating will be to see her new little sibling partaking and loving it. So if we have to wait til that point for her to take off with eating, so be it. In the big scheme, what's the problem with another year or so, really?? I like that... keep trying, but no big pressure for *right now*!

Speech is our highlight with this little chatterbox. It's nice that she's doing so well. She imitates verbally more and more, she's adding signs and words, and it's fun to see her being able to communicate better. When M walks in from work, she signs Daddy. She can say "water" pretty clearly, and that's fun, so she uses it alot for her cold water sip requests along with "please" and "more" signs. She can open or close a door on command, and she lays down when told for diaper changes or whatever. (And she does it slowly and controlled, not flopping, so that's nice.) She says "diaper" pretty well, though she sometimes forgets the D sound. Today she's been right on, so yay! Our ST is just wonderful, and she's so good about getting through to Braska, who has finally become more cooperative the last few visits with her. She's a big fan of bubbles and can say that word on occasion too. She loves loves loves to sign baby... sometimes just because. She's very into shadows, and she spends alot of time in the morning finding the wall where the sun is shining so she can get in the light path and make funny shapes and things by dancing around and waving and such.

We're so pleased with the progress she's making overall. She's becoming much more willing to play with other kids, not getting overwhelmed as easily, and following them around as fast as her little scoot will take her. I think Shay, her cousin, is mostly to thank for this, and I look forward to seeing how they continue to do together. We are also just getting a pretty neat playgroup of littles with DS together from our little corner of the county. Two boys and two girls, though we haven't met the other little girl yet since I was sick last time they met. I think this will be great for Braska, plus she gets to see her buddy Jack! Wouldn't it be too cute if the couples ended up together? Ok, maybe I'm ahead of myself. :o) I just think it would be so cool to look back on this in 18 years or so!

It's time to wash this little prune and get her clothed again. Thanks for keeping up with us. Thanks for caring so much for our little princess. Thanks for taking the time to visit. It means SO much, I can't even tell you. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Sounds like she is really doing great!! So glad all is going well there:-) And Braska, you are too cute in the bath tub!

  2. She is doing SO well! Delphine likes tomatoes too. I'm glad that you found therapists that are working out and have a good perspective on things. It sounds like they are a perfect fit for your family!!

  3. It's good to hear you so upbeat! So glad your therapists are so encouraging. Braska is a jewel, for sure! I've been telling you how smart she is. Of course you already knew that :o)

    Hugs to you both!

  4. Wow, it sounds like she's doing great! I'm so glad she likes her new therapists and that they are doing new and fun stuff with her. I like the idea of letting her play with food. I bet my boys would love to rip lettuce. And hey, I'm all for anything that teaches some cooking's never too early to learn!

  5. Sounds to me like Miss Braska is growing up. I bet she is going to love being a big sister and Mommy's helper. She's sure a cutie.

  6. you are simply amazing little one - you keep getting bigger on the time I turn around you'll be running everywhere!

  7. Sounds like Braska is thriving with her new therapists ... not that she wasn't before, but glad the change went smoothly.

  8. I just love this babies face...she is so stinkin cute! I love to read your posts and love new pictures of her.

    I am so glad to hear how well she is doing. I knew she'd catch on to everything, but no matter who the child is, They ALL have thier own pace. She is moving right along and doing great!

    Tell her I'm proud of her (even if she doesnt know me :) LOL)


    PS...update on baby sometime...would love to hear how the pregnancy is going for you!

  9. oh what a gorgeous tup shot!
    I love these updates as they give me some tips as to what is coming our way.
    We start swimming on the weekend and I was wondering about Julia's gtube. I know it is supposed to be ok but do you know of any potential problems?
    We've been lucky so far!


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