Friday, September 5, 2008

Who's coming?

Mommy and Daddy keep telling me someone's coming to live with us in a few months. I don't know about that, but they keep trying to get me to show it, like with my hands. I haven't been practicing much, so they were really surprised when someone said it the other day and I just showed them right away! So Mommy tried to get me to do it again, but I was tired of showing her. You might hear me tell her just HOW tired I am with my little complaint at the end. (It's kind of dark, so you have to look it just right to see me...sorry.)

We're going to see some friends this weekend. And we are going to meet some new friends who have the "something extra" like I do, too. I've got to figure out what to wear!


  1. She's great! That is so cute.

  2. Good Job Braska! You're well on your way to being a really great big sister!

  3. A+ Ms B! That was great! :) You'll soon have a little sis (yes, it will be a sis i swear) to play with!
    Auntie Rach

  4. Yes...I believe that last little blurb could be translated as "enough already" :o) You do a great job kiddo.

  5. Fantastic! I'm impressed! And papas are NOT easily impressed. Well, maybe we're not TOO hard to impress.



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