Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visiting old friends, meeting new ones

Last weekend we went on a little trip. We went to see our friends who used to live where we used to live, but now none of us live there anymore. We had a good time, and I played with the boys pretty good. When I was a tiny baby, I used to get scared sometimes with other kids, but this time I just played with them and it was fun!

Saturday morning we woke up and played after breakfast. Mr. Matt played songs, and I liked that ALOT. Connor played on his drums too, and Lucas just ran all over. He likes to go and go! Mr. Matt played lots of songs for me even when Connor got tired of playing drums, and I really liked his songs.

They have alot of neat things in their backyard, so we went out to play some. There was a swing that looked like a car, and it was lots of fun!

Here's some movie of me riding the car swing.

Then I sat on Daddy and we got in the big-kid swing.

We tried out this thing they call a slide too. I had never tried that before!! It was pretty fast! But Daddy didn't let me fall, so I did it a few times again.

Saturday night, we went to see some friends from before and meet a bunch of new ones. There were a whole bunch of kids there like me with extra goodness! They came from all over the place, lots of hours away, and they had played together all day. I didn't get to go for all the fun, but I did get to play some with them.

Here's me and my BFF Sophie! Isn't she so pretty! I hadn't seen her for a while since we moved, so we chatted about some stuff. Her mommy put up some pictures of our get together too, so you can see them over there.

Here's my new buddy Jack who went to meet people too. He likes food alot! Mommy wants me to take lessons from him.

I got to meet lots of new friends, but Mommy was so busy talking to people that she forgot to take pictures!! I got to see my friend Larkin, and I got to meet one of my blog buddies Mayson. There were a bunch of other friends that I met too, and most of them are from Downsyn, where Mommy can learn alot from other mommies and daddies when she talks to them on the computer. It was a really nice time, and I wish we could have been there a little more.

When we got home that night, I got a boo-boo from rolling off the air bed when Mommy told me to sit still. It wasn't a far fall, but I hit my face on the floor. My glasses got all bent funny and I had little owies on my face. I'm ok though, but it wasn't any fun, for sure.

It was a good weekend! Thanks Mr. Matt and Miss Nico for letting us visit! And it was so nice to meet all of you new friends and get to see all you old friends. Everyone should come to St. Louis so we can all see each other all the time! For now, I'll hang with Jack!


  1. It was a treat to see you Saturday! We will bring your sweater with us in October. Try not to fall anymore, k? ((HUGS))

  2. It looks like it was a fun-filled weekend with new and old friends!

  3. It was so fun to see you even when we aren't home in St. Charles! And I got to meet your friends from your old house! Sorry you got an "owie" - I would give you a hug for it but mommy says my hugs aren't very gentle yet. See you soon!

  4. Looks like you had tons of fun! The slide looked like your favorite. Have you asked Daddy to learn to play the guitar so he can play for you? I'll bet he's a good singer.

    Hope your owie is healed up by now. Next time listen to your mommy!

    Love you!!

  5. We had a lot of fun with y'all - come up anytime you need a fix of Lincolnland!


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