Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catch-up: Family birthday dinner

On Sunday, it was time for a birthday party for three people at once. It was for Papaw John, Auntie Janice, and Miss Cheryl. They all have birthdays this month, so we went to Grandma and Papaw's house for pizza that Grandma C made. Yummy!!

I played with Shaylin. She shared her toys with me, and I got into my hiding place for movies. I just love getting them all out!

Shay got this neat kitchen for Christmas, and I'm big enough to play with it now since I can stand up.

The baby cousins were there too, and they just got to be cuddled by everyone all night. Baby Xander is bigger than Kinlee already! (There's more pictures of the babies on Kinlee's blog, if you want to see them.)


  1. Since you don't have NEARLY enough to keep you busy (ha ha) we awarded you!!

  2. Such cute grandkids.


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