Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catch-up:Shopping with Sophie

Last week on Tuesday, my friend Sophie from where we used to live came to town because she had to see some doctors. Can you believe those doctors put some tubes IN her ears? Isn't that crazy? Anyway, after she was done, we met up at the mall. I love going to the mall or to the store or anywhere at all. And now that Kinlee's here, we have a new stroller and I get to sit in the front!

I tried to give Sophie a fist bump, but she was still tired a little.

While Sophie was getting some shoes, I checked out the neat store.

We got some lunch, and I took a nap in my stroller. Glad I got to see Sophie though!


  1. We really need to work on teaching her the fist bump. It was so nice to see you guys. I'll get around to posting about this soon too!

  2. Oh, Braska! I hope you took some time to browse at all those shoes in the store! You're going to walk the bottoms out of the ones you have now...When in doubt, look for pink...or patent leather...or sparkles...or mary janes...or...


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