Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catch-up: My first nightgown

Last week, it was really nice, warm weather a couple days. We opened up the windows and let the nice wind in the house. Since I didn't need to wear my really warm p-jammies, Mommy let me wear a Blues Clues nightgown that my friend gave me last year. It's like a dress that you can sleep in! Usually I don't get to wear them because I don't like to keep my blanket on at night and it's cold in our house when we sleep. But since it was nice, I got to try it out and I just kept it on because I liked it so much!

My PT showed me, when she came to visit the day before this, how to stand up at the door and see outside to the street.

Since the wind was blowing in nice, I stood there for a long time. (Mommy note: I just think this picture is too sweet...not sure why, but I love it.)

When Mommy wasn't looking, I decided to try to see what the screen felt like on my tongue. I think she caught me, though. She said I shouldn't do it because it was dirty, but I thought it was pretty fun anyway. I like weird stuff on my tongue--as long as it's not food, ya know!

I practiced my walking in my gown too. It's nice not to step on my pants like I usually do!


  1. you're such a pretty girl! love the pony tail. love the night gown, love the walking all makes you that much cuter!

  2. There is nothing cuter than a little girl in a nightgown - I think it is so sweet!

  3. Little girls in nightgowns are so sweet! Braska, you are so adorable!!

  4. Aww I love your nightgown!!!
    Look at you up and going too! Wow you sure are growing up fast! Before you know it your going to be running all over and giving Mommy a run for her Money! :)

  5. You are so BEAUTIFUL. And every time you do something new, like wear your night gown or play at a little kitchen, we get such a big thrill outta watching you do it. GREAT job Miss B!

  6. So cute!! I love nightgowns!! Braska's hair is getting so long! I love that picture too, it is very sweet!!


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