Monday, March 9, 2009

Pre-preschool: Month 3

Today was school again! It's my third month in school, and I am loving it! Last week, Miss A told Mommy that I was a "chatty cathy." I don't know what that means but Mommy says it's about my talking to the teacher and it is a good thing for me to be! Today, Miss A told Mommy how I was saying "popcorn" really loud when Miss A said it first. I really love to go to school! I wish I could go more, but Mommy says I have to wait til I turn 3 for that.

Jack and I were the last ones there today because our mommies went to get coffee while we were at school and then talked to Miss Jocelyn in the hall. She helps both Jack and me learn to talk and sign and stuff like that.

So we waited for them... and waited a few more minutes. But don't worry...they didn't forget us!! I love school!!!


  1. that is such a cute picture.. are they engaged yet?

  2. Yippee Braska! We wish our preschool was for 2 year olds also. You are so lucky. Good job on having fun at school.

  3. I'm s glad you like school. Good stuff.

  4. Braska, you are constantly amazing us. I'm going to start asking you instead of Uncle Ryan (or your daddy) when I have computer questions!

  5. it is so awesome that you like school - you know what, school makes kids grow up even faster I think. You will learn and do so much! Great job on all your doing - I think it's great that your a chatty-cathy!

  6. You guys look thrilled. Maybe it was just the end of the day LOL!

    Keeping mum on the engagement, but won't they look cute together at prom?!


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