Saturday, February 4, 2012

35/366 Girls day

This morning Auntie Rach took us to dance class.

We always sit in a circle for a bit…

Then we do our position song…

One of the helpers is Hailey, she’s our favorite.

We like when it is her turn to help us!!

After dance, we went to see Mommy at work. When she got done, we went to a special Mommy/Girls lunch at Chimi’s.  Daddy got to go to our old favorite place, Toro, so we decided we wanted to have our own yummies here. 

Tonight we went to church, and my super cute friend Ella was there.  She is almost the same age as KiKi. 

Me and Ella sat in the chair after I saw KiKi up there with her…

We stood by the wall for a smiley picture, but I looked at them instead of at Mommy. 

Mommy was our teacher tonight for class because they needed help.  We took some of my girl friends and had a “girl party” night at church!  There was a spinning thing to ride on, and Ella helped us go around super fast!

Ella also took Mommy’s phone to look at pictures for a while.  She took some pictures, too.  This one is Braska waiting for us to be done.

This is Ella’s mommy, Miss A, and Ella took a picture all by herself!

We came home and went to bed because it was a long day!  Glad we got to see our friends though!

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