Sunday, February 26, 2012

57/266 Sunny outside day and The Muppets

It was so nice today!  Even this morning, when it was a little chilly, it was too sunny to stay inside, so we got our coats on and got ready to go out!


We also spent a lot of today playing the piano.  Me and KiKi sang some songs with Mommy. And then I played a while with Daddy while he practiced his learning songs.  KiKi even wrote a song about her edamame.  I like to sit by whoever is playing.

After naps today, we got to go on a walk to a surprise.  Mommy and Daddy didn’t tell us where we were going. We just went around the corner and by a few houses.

And we went to see The Muppets!  There’s a movie place by our house where we can go to see movies for just $1.  That’s pretty good for a funny movie.  I liked it, and KiKi did, too.  It was a fun surprise!

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