Monday, February 20, 2012

51/366 Decorating the door

First, just a silly picture of me giggling and not letting Mommy take my picture when she was all excited because I drank 6 oz in about 3 minutes this morning.  I’m doing WAY good on my drinking!

We did some decorating today with some things KiKi got for her birthday.  We were going to put them on the walls, but they were too bumpy, so we decided to put them on the door.

There were flowers…

And a neat picture that says “love” and some others things I don’t know yet.  KiKi told me what it said, though.

Here’s the whole door. 
The purse on the door keeps my iPod in it, and that bat is one KiKi made at Halloween.  They stay on the door because that’s where we want to keep them.

We also put our names on KiKi’s name sign.  She got it for her birthday from Miss Julie, but KiKi wanted it to have both of us on there because she said we both sleep in that room.  It’s nice that she shares.

Doesn’t it all go really nice with the rest of the flowers and butterflies in our room?  (You can see it here if you’ve never been to my house.)

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