Wednesday, February 22, 2012

53/366 Watching Monica and David

KiKi went to our friend's house today while I was at school.  She liked the little chair a lot.

Mommy and Miss Julie watched a show with Miss Jen.  It was about Monica and David... I don't know them, but Mommy thought it was a neat show. She said it made her think a lot.

Has anyone else seen it? We would like to know what you thought.


  1. I saw it. I enjoyed it, but was a teensy bit disappointed that they were so dependent on things they *could* have been given tools to do on their own (like cooking, etc.). The parents, rightfully, protected them at a time when they would have had no hope of being independent, so I guess that's why they weren't taught those life skills earlier on. But it was definitely a heartwarming film, and a beautiful couple. Loved the scenes of Monica's OCD (bathroom drawers, making the bed, etc.) - I see a lot of that in Samantha already!! LOL

  2. It's been waiting on my DVR for MONTHS, waiting for a chance for Matt & I to watch it together... HA. Good reminder though - maybe this weekend?

  3. I thought it was very good. It was a great reminder that no dream is out of reach! I have it on DVR and think it might be a good thing to watch again today.


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