Tuesday, February 7, 2012

38/366 Looking snazzy for voting

Today I went to school, then we went to let Cami out (She’s our cousin-dog) and saw Daddy for a little while at lunch.  After that, we went to a place that does hair and stuff to faces so girls can be all prettied up. We didn’t go there to get haircuts, but me and KiKi wanted to get haircuts.  Mommy’s been saying we needed them for a while, so we asked and she said we could do it…

KiKi was WAY excited, and she wanted to go first….

When she was getting her hair cut, she got all quiet and did so good being still. 

Then it was my turn.  My hair was getting really really long and it got tangled sometimes.  I tried to sit still but since I have to tilt my head when I look at things, Mommy had to help hold me straight for the cutting part.  So there aren’t pictures of that… but then I got to have the blow dryer.  I do LOVE that!

Mommy told the lady to take 3 inches off mine and 2 off of KiKi’s.  I think we turned out cute!  KiKi was so silly that she didn’t want to do her “after” picture, so that’ll have to come another day…

Tonight, after Daddy got home, we went to vote.  I helped Mommy pick…

On the way out, I stopped for a photo op.  I hear those are important to people we vote for.  I win the cute contest!

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