Friday, May 11, 2012

132/366 Leaving my mark at school

(Mommy apologies for the delayed posting of these… getting caught up soon!)

May 11 is my daddy’s birthday.  But I forgot to take a picture with him!  Oh no!

We’re having a party for him in a few weeks, so we’ll do pictures then. 

This is where I did my hand print for school.  The kids that are going to kindergarten get to put their hands on the wall and leave them there for a while…  it’s pretty neat.  Miss Natalie, Jack’s teacher, let me come with them so I could have my hand next to his. 

Mine is the red one over my head… 

I was being silly about this picture stuff.

Here’s Miss Natalie with Jack and Me.  She was my teacher a couple years ago with I was 3.  And she’s Jack’s this year. 

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