Monday, May 14, 2012

135/366 Cheer movies

Sunday nights I go to cheer, and then on Monday nights, I do my tumbling part of cheer and KiKi does her own cheer squad, too.

This time we have movies to show you!!

Here’s me… doing some flips, swinging on the Tinker Bell swing, and going WAY up in stunting practice!  I’m getting better every week!

     (Mommy note: We are seeing SO much improvement in Braska’s strength and her confidence in her ability to try new things since she started cheer just 4 weeks.  It’s especially obvious in the stunting, that she will let them raise her at all, and that she will now let go and raise her arms. That’s big!  I wouldn’t have believed we would have seen this kind of effort and progress from her if I’d not seen it myself. )

And here’s KiKi, doing her flips and Tinker Bell, and going WAY WAY up in stunting.

(Remember, if you can’t see the videos above, click refresh and they should come up! If not, let me know—comment or email or text—and I’ll send you a special version!)

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  1. You girls are super cheerers! I love to watch you fly :o)


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