Tuesday, May 22, 2012

143/366 Eye check up day

Mommy got me this doll for Christmas, and she’s been sitting in the play room mostly.  But today, I decided to give her a cuddle, and guess what??  She’s pretty fun to play with!  Now KiKi and I are playing with them a lot! 

We got dressed and went to the eye doctor so he could check my eyes after my last surgery. We like to play a little while we wait for him. He said I’m pretty fixed up, so no more surgeries for a while.  Good news!

We always like to look at the fountain by the doctor’s office.  Daddy surprised us by coming to the doctor’s office too.  He works really close to there.  He waited with KiKi for me and Mommy to talk to the doctor.

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  1. What a sweet baby doll for my sweetie peach! Sorry I missed seeing you today :o(


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