Monday, May 14, 2012

TV Personality. Tonight anyway.

Remember when she had this cute pageant hair?  I have been hearing from sources all day that News Channel 5 is running a commercial for a story tonight that features at least a bit of Braska.  Apparently there is a story running about the Miss Amazing Pageant tonight at 10.  If you are in the Saint Louis metro or News Channel 5 viewing area, be sure to watch! We will. 

Edited to add… it was a small little blip of Braska on stage with her group, but the whole story is worth watching.  It’s happening again next year, so be ready little Missouri friends!!

If you didn’t see our blips about it from last month, they are here, here, and video here.

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  1. What were the odds I'd finally start catching up on my reading at 9:27pm on Monday? Am off to set my DVR.

    [Oh! That hair is scrumptious!}

  2. I'm not in the Saint Louis area but I'll look for it on-line!


  4. It was a great piece and I got to see the little beauty I call granddaughter. Very nice.


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