Sunday, May 27, 2012

148/366 Spring dresses. Again.

We got dressed all springy for church today. Mommy has been looking for the clothes that she saved from last year when it was warm weather, and she found them this week.  So we got to pick from LOTS of cute clothes that we liked last year and still fit.  We decided on these dresses for church.  Except I picked yellow this time…  (I had purple last year…)  They even have matching bows that Mommy made for last year.
(Mommy note: I feel like the above picture is inspired by the final pose from a hip, slightly artsy/dramatic music video or something… it kind of makes me giggle. )

Daddy was trying to tell me to put my tongue away, but it’s kind of my thing lately to NOT do what someone is asking me to do.  I’m a big girl, ya know.

This was last year, on Easter, when we wore these dresses before. See, KiKi wore the yellow dress last year.  We don’t grow very quick in our house, so we get to keep our clothes around for a while!

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