Sunday, February 18, 2007

A baby blog?

Why does an almost-3-month-old need a blog, you ask? Well, I was talking to Mommy earlier today and told her that since Pop has a famous blog and Mommy works on her computer all day long, it only seems fair that I would have an internet presence as well. Ok, maybe I was just cooing, but I figure maybe she read between the lines. I often lie against the arm of the recliner with Mommy while she's working, and I love the sounds that the computer makes... especially when Mommy and Pop are chatting. The little *bing* sound always gets my attention and makes me smile. As for this blog, Pop will have me doing the "real thing" in html probably as soon as he can. But for now, the quick and easy way will work. The idea is just to post little tidbits of what's up with us (mostly me, of course) for all of you who don't seem to get enough information and pictures... I'm quite happy to oblige with more.

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