Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Dress

It's Sunday, and at our house, that starts with getting dressed for church. I like church alot. There's neat music, even if it is sometimes loud for my little ears. And there are lots of nice people there who always come to say hi to me and to ask how I'm doing. My name was even in the bulletin because everyone is praying for me to have a successful surgery on Wednesday. It's neat to have so many people who care about me!

But my very favorite part of church is my one-on-one time with my Pop. He holds me all through church and I get to look at him alot. (He's really good lookin', you know!) Sometimes he talks to me a little, but mostly it's just our special time together to just be quiet and cuddle. I hope we get to keep up this tradition for a long time...until I get too big and squirmy, at least.

Mommy and I are getting ready to leave tomorrow for St. Louis for my surgery. So there's alot to do today. We did take a minute, though, before we get to work to show off my new dress that my cousin Lindsay got me. I'm stylin' the Old Navy way!

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  1. You Little Miss are pretty in red. And in every other color. I could be a little prejudice though.


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