Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Full-on family week

It has been a pretty crazy 10 days or so for me. Mom and I started off on the 9th heading to Auntie Rachel's for a day, then we went to Papa Beagle and Grammy's to stay for a few days. I got to meet my great-grandpa D and said hello to his little dog Max. He's even smaller than me.

Then I got to go to church with a whole bunch of people who have been praying for me. It was like I was famous. So many cool people came to smile at me and tell me how pretty I was. Every girl likes to hear that, you know!

Then Monday was back to St. Louis to see the doctor who is going to fix my heart. They decided since I've been so uncomfortable (and coughing so much and tossin' my cookies...ok, just the milk) that he will do my big surgery pretty soon, on 2/28. It'll be so nice to feel better. Everyone keeps telling me how much better I'll feel when it's all over, but I think it's going to be a rough ride to get there.

Mommy and I spent a few days after that at Grandma C's house. It was fun hanging out with the girls since Grandpa John was gone helping Auntie April and Uncle Levi move and Uncle Ethon works alot. Miss Karen and Grandma C always talk to me and hold me alot, which is very nice. They tell good stories, too. Wednesday was Valentine's Day, so I posed for a picture on Mommy's phone and asked my Pop to be my valentine.

Thursday Mommy and I went home to take care of some things and so we could bring Pop back with us on Friday. We went back to Grandma C's after Pop got off work on Friday night. We spent the weekend playing games and watching Pop and my uncles be pretty silly. They even tried to get me to catch a marshmallow in my mouth! We took some nice family pictures, and I enjoyed all the attention, for sure.

It was all pretty fun, but I'm glad to be home. Soon it will be time to go back so that I can get my heart fixed. Only a few more days!!!


  1. Grandpa John and Grandma C love this idea Little Miss. You got the techie genes. Use them in abandon. Loved the pictures.

  2. Baby Braska, We had to practice ng tubes on each other in nursing school. I think you will like bottles better! :) Many west coast people are praying for you and that your surgery goes very well. You are my hero! :) I love you. I wish we could cuddle. Maybe soon....that would be good times! :) Auntie Valerie


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