Monday, February 26, 2007

Meet me in St. Louis

The day has come for me to go to St. Louis and get ready for my "big day." This surgery is apparently a big deal, because everyone around me is constantly talking about it. I must be pretty important, I think. My Pop was trying to help Mommy pack, but she said he was doing it here to see what he did to me!!!

I also got to see Miss Dayna again today. She's the lady who comes to see me a couple times each week and makes me get naked on that scale! But even with that, I like her alot. She talks to me real nice and gives me special attention. She listens to my heart and my lungs, and Mommy likes it when she says my lungs are clear. I'll see you soon, Miss Dayna, and I'll be lookin' better than ever!


  1. I will surely see you then. I love you Little Miss.

  2. Will be saying a prayer for her heart surgery!


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